Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

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Notes for a history of Valdosta Glam Co., no. 1

Valdosta Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry Co.

cranked up with
re-story-ing movement
to crippled realism
we broke into noise
& then speech
textas & ’magiments
ideas more complex

we now do GLAMs
slicing words to sharpen and refine
abrupt action-re-action
substantial meaning

Glorious Lite-Antic Mem’ry

We did our first
movement-noise happening

E—-Vent I

with artists Robert, Minnie, Bob, and Judy
‘opping thru da
commedia dell’arte play


but hey
dese 16th century form
him not antiquarian
is funny & adap’tibble
comedy she is mo’serious’n
tragedy nor realism

we went outdoors
portable stage
commedia show
New Orleans Coliseum Park
passing the hat afterwards

we done new commedias outdoors
each year since ’65
even when
refused a permit to play
on the grounds of “vulgarity”
we played & wuz arrest’d
ACLU did appeal
unconstitutional censorship


plays, events, & movies
Stan Brakhage
Johas Mekas
Maya Deren
Kenneth Anger
Johnny Cage

a phase ended
our theater
became a parking lot
Paradise, it’uz Paved

since ’at time
we have lived
mixed media
Brecht Readings
Rock-a-lite Shows
Timothy Leary Cabarets
Ferlinghetti Minst’rl Shows
Civil Rights Prophecy Clips
Sartre Disillusionment Revues
Samizdat Whisper Roars
another commedia
toured across borders
a jump ahead of Dow recruiters


to play for crisis
had to know what
had to say
new about
neo-absurdist trips
from Egregious
to Mondial
outside the commercial market
outside in the streets
and so on

Night O’ da FIE-yah

we’s all alone in the house
when erupt’d de flame-ery
managed slip through a front widow
& fly from the front porch roof
’scaping with only minor scratches
& various burns
Oh but
the ntire interior of the house
was either flame or soot damaged
except for the two rooms
where Buddha displayed
joss lighted meditation
& a closet next to the hottest blaze
Most of our sitting mats
also escaped damage
to cover the bare bones
but not enough to restore the
Cuban Ice Cream Company
it may disguise’ve been
But the si’ver inning of the cloud was
the trend is toward
volun’global revolution

And when
set up in the gara;e
and zazen’ meetingscontinuing
at the homes of members
free world
providing the confused and frustrated
Grateful Peas

A Dies Irae for Our Bewitted Times

The Street Singer’s Prologue

from tear gas
training in its use
chemical agents
the mo’, effective human means
ot el!lpor· nfY ne
tra IZlng mo
gperSOrll in
Bu many are wonderi
2 Which kind of ag
“ 0 ct. e 0 dec C
(‘lear gas”)?
Or the pov.erf I
Irritant agent,CS? , ‘

He had a beard
he smoked dope
he was even against the War
he lived in in Alaska
with ten thousand Eskimos
telling the Government
where these people
might best be put
so that they’n be quiet
the effect
would have been
the same
inna final perverf;ion

de day da wrath, ’at day
dissolve in ashes
will the wor’ld
Davey him witness
along with
de Sibyl



Typescripts and images received at the Bureau surréaliste des Fenouillèdes on the Winter Solstice of 2017.


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