Twelve couplets, two triplets, and a drawing for Saint Cleo Malone

Untitled_Artwork 36Twelve couplets, two triplets, and a drawing for Saint Cleo Malone

He woe’d grace in these times of troubles he owed
Poetry noises burning spikenard under the quilted sky

Women say him retained flexed fingers resolved
Through various obstacles his index pointed where

Ecstasy murmuring to their callused hands piloting
His light graceful crudeness clawing into the air

Him saying this is a good game
Sympathetic amethyst rings
Become external servitudes

Without being known to him betting
A couple-a hundred dollars
He admits twice to overwhelming

Hysterical resources for the future
Ways to the shoreline fishing real time

Reality defects have often destroyed history
Plaintive emperors do prefer inclinations unusual

Them notified those dragged-under chains
Precision movements worth a pleasant blue

Changeable frozen and previously absurd matter
Suggests the passion-flower illuminating small wagers

Living & laughing voice-obstacles are the only way
Insensitive attitudes fully unknown distinguish shades

Nuances suck the hilarity out of flower chalices
He sang to never change heart & be worthy

We had left attentive nervous fluid states
Us playing mortally reflective anagrams

All proved an eardrum witnessed a couple of times
A microphone being cheerfully applied traces alive

Where we never went but always wanted to go
Where we never went but always wanted to go, boy


Drawing with twelve couplets & two triplets by R Young (with apologies to those expecting rhyming and such with your couplets & triplets).




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