Bonhomme de neige

Untitled_Artwork 31.jpg

Bonhomme de neige

What if this kind of artistry
Could be an everyday thing
Not just a Saturnalian folie
Why not transform daily life

Eyes of green bottle plastic
In the spirit of pink cheeks
Plus furry pink lips Dalíesque
& bravo for the red plastic hat

Transgressively jaunty or
Is it the other way around
Jaunty plus transgressive
A bonhomme de neige who

Flaunts gender with a wave
Of his naughty red scarf, hoo


A folie for the holidays by R Young.
Photo taken yesterday on rue Arago, St.-Paul-de-Fenouillet, but the bonhomme de neige appears to be quite old, judging from the amber tint of aging plastic.


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