Ballad of Old Flake News (unfinished), no. 1

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Ballad of Old Flake News (unfinished), no. 1

Scars of civil war before 1963
An average of 12 cases a year
Reported with a high of 34 in 1956
And no cases in 1954 or 1959

Starting in 1963 and coinciding with
Our massive escalation the pla-
Gue bacillus
Also stepped up its efforts

In 1963 there were 115 officially reported
In 1964 there were 297
In 1965 there were 374
In 1966 the toll had risen to 2679 reported

In 1967 5,389 people were struck with
Thomas De Baggio WASHINGTON, D.C.
July 17, (LNS)—Unlike the poor
Who openly tacked together a shack

City to dramatize the poverty
29 million Americans
The wealthy do their begging with stealth.
Their study found the farm program had

The proposed aim of helping poor far-
Mers now working in reverse
Farmers with incomes of less
Received only 4.5 percent

Of total federal farm payments
At the same time, the top far-
Mers-large, diversified &
In many cases

Corporate land-

Generously provided by Samuel Santos-Dumont.
Photograph by D Young. Port Gibson, Mississippi, 1993.


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