Milestone 100


100 Followers & counting

Milestones mark distance traveled
& distance left to go
But milestones also mark achievements
Special places along the road
Worth taking the measure
Of life’s adventure

So we want to give a tip
Of the metaphorical hat
To those who clicked
The Follow button
(Over a hundred so far)

Clicking that Follow button
Marks you as an Optimist
A believer in tomorrow.
Or maybe you’re a Krazy
Kat seeing only the Mist ahead
& focusing on the Now.

So raise a glass & tip a hat
Glad you’re here with us
Now in this moment.
Don’t fret the Mist.

Special kudos to those
Who come back often for the
Sideshows and Exhibits
At the Carnival
Where Mist is tomorrow

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
―Helen Keller, The Open Door

Krazy Kat and Ignaz are creations of George Herriman, a great humorist & philosopher.

R & D Young
Agly River Carnival



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