Fine workout !!फिजूल कसरत!!

This sums up nothing, it opens doors, which is grand.


Fine workout !!

The lost are the ones that exist in the root

He is looking into past depths,

The picture of humanity is staining

I am building on the canvas of humanity,

The look of change has changed

I am changing the stereotypes of glass specs,

All the victims have become victims of Ubasi

Cutting old plant plants,

That old lady mirror irritates the mouth

Changing the map of Rehashuda Garhakhana,

Changes in the morning and in the evening

I am changing the hunt of change,

We forgot keeping humanity seeds somewhere

Looking for a city-city city in search,

Where the instructions of elderly have been buried

Looking for that missing Tahajib’s mazar,

Change of thinking is too much to change

Looking for the details of changing times,

Changing the changing old-fashioned old frame

Then I have been doing all the hard work.

फिजूल कसरत!!

खो सी ही गयी…

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