Carnet de voyage

Here is another free PDF book. Download it. Pass it on.

Carnet de Voyage53E09369-43DB-403C-8BA7-CDECE9FFAB34



    1. Your appreciation means a lot. Merci. I’m working now to find a way of using collages and sketchbook pages in a video format. I’ve got tons of this stuff, but am not always pleased with the effect I get when converting to digital media. PDF books are great, but what if something video-based — not animation, exactly — could make the work even more accessible, livelier. Seen in a larger format, such as TV. Some of our recent video projects have this collage/assemblage spirit. Anyway, your delight is very much appreciated. R & D

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      1. I enjoy the concept of your work, its authenticity – and i mean by that a very complex connection between thought and its communication. I love your books – would be amazing to be able to see them at book fairs. Looking forward to the video format collages! I do believe that the art needs genuinely experimentally engaged work and i am again, delighted to have discovered your work. Many greets from Berlin.


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