ballade méchanique

ballade méchanique

3074E979-FCF6-4D42-8579-06FFE7B52658w1TH the Packmag electnr mutnr, a can
of AmhtnizL three or tour flashlight
u-lk. and a bit of cardboard, a very sctnccablc
nmdvl clcctnc launch can be mada Buih from

thr hut-s furnished 0n page 26 1t \\i|] be mull
1111111111 1-1 tun in a hath “m, yet “<11 be large 1
cnuugh 1.1 1m on .1 1m nithutlt danger m‘
hrcunung overwhelmed by rough water.

The first thing m do is to enlarge the lines 1
m full >171’ rm your drawing bzmtd. This can 1
he done with tlwiders, m’ by squanng the plan
hy truss 11111111; and enlarging it that way, nr 1

1- p1\nLr>;_’|’11p|| can be used m 1mm; 11 11p m >11».
I3″ hang. .

A Mrct‘ n1‘ 111151111 b03111 or nthnr \V||ill‘ papvr
my rnntlgh to accommodate the 11111511111 lint-s 1
is laid upon thc drawing hoard 11nd 1hr lvnes
rarvfnlh drawn 1n m 0M1 SiZf by any Qt

lhr‘ methods mentioned. t
Then haltlbreadth plan is cnrefufly cut out 1
“m1 1155015, A center line 15 drnun 1-11 the g
wrath-m wan-h 1.1.1 11m 1w 1.1m i< lwnnrn 1t 1

wolves dark Thou madest using immaculate cleaners
who getting cheered they howl in Nirvâna
patience & passion R number ONE drug to embrace
the persistent tested horror she

strokedst me by my roots and breasts as ultimate crazy drive
overdose feeding ‘My gardens for a hundred merciful cups
with room always like stories overcome so white mochas
in complex strides tough amoebas for the Lord just when

somebody’s family gets nervous brain syndrome here to
coffee in styrofoam gasped like long familiar Vietnam
thick and grudgingly white the mutant bile as we
sing gracefully while paring a thick night of true

longshoremen scarecly snagged and buttered back
talking a cold cheek in December to gather when
the pose of wasted pawns retards a cold talking
hurdle iron red and ardent as seagulls on the

strand the night dad’s cards turned against me
& craked fists beflowered dear so get me gone
get me gone


This morning Sam S-D dropped this off, left it without saying a word. A high sign with his cigar and a tip of his fedora and he was gone in a curl of smoke.

Pinned to the envelope was this note:

The goal here is to present the audience with suggestive texts & images that can be read & interpreted however the public pleases. This is is an invitation to use the objects presented here as prompts for imagined states. Grasp it how you please. Please yourself. Nobody is in charge. Go on. Flip out.


© R Young



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