Some dada for a Saturday

This old photograph of Bugarach taken from the Col St. Louis a couple of years back got stuck to this

Letter received with a fountain pen ordered from Japan

(Seriously, decipher this and win a thousand).

Dear sir/medal

Yhulr 1w hr lvvvlnv (h! vwdx.

In all A Ildc ruwa of Inkrerflnq Ind
lnlflvw, coal Julmu vrodvrh.

I u alxa lnhrnhd In Ihfl you h“
ordnnd 0h: voodL

Your ulnsuro l: ours!
k m rum n n mm hclv m.

n can m» – smhl m“ _ _ ‘ I

Plant. conhd u: u vw mo “mam. .. y –’
mm mam m“ 1m or E-nll uddrln,

Aaanul ‘


v Iwwwq 1511mm




Sukiyaki Jnpan

DliDui C0.,LTD

3F,Gnld Woodlflill-liznhi



—More dada-inspired nonsense from our old pal Sam Santos-Dumont. He keeps us entertained, but we think he has a higher purpose in Miami this year, though he has grown tired of the life.

Photograph © D Young


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