Armistice Day


Armistice Day

Notes on the drawing. This piece started out as simply an exercise in layering over an earlier work (the previous post, in fact), which the digital medium is good at. The end of the project came unexpectedly, though. When I popped in the photo-stamp, I had no conscious intention for how it would look before any willful adjusting & sizing, but the image fell precisely where it highlighted the weeping woman. So I quit, figuring I’d screw it up if I went on. Then, when I wrote in the date, I realized how appropriate the imagery was for Armistice Day.

Most of the art work seen on this blog are produced with digital tools. Cybersphere blogging is a digital medium, so the art work & photography work best when taking advantage of the medium’s qualities.

I work in analog mediums, too, but I’m not set up to produce good digital reproductions of analog work. The same holds true for old analog photography. To get good results digitalizing old negatives & prints, you need a hellishly expensive scanner. So we make do with what’ve got. Even transformed into digital, the analogs have a special quality.

We’ve worked up a few PDF books of analog art and photography will share them in due course, soon I hope.




  1. Amazing what you artists both with analog and digital media can do today. The drawings are so vivid, how black and white are able to express so much. At first sight, I see crosses of death caused by the war. It all looks like a set of wires, trenches, bombs, stained territories… I could have been the weeping woman you quit drawing. Who knows, you probably did well and so did I the moment I stopped the tears, the same ones of your last drawing that does include a weeping woman and so I took to writing again about something still incomprehensible in today’s Europe:

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    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. We’re learning this digital. Getting used to cybersperics for us means getting over the feeling of being exposed. And how much of the cybersphere is made up, how many fake IDs? But we’re getting used to it, how to tell imposters from genuine, how to share but be private, too. Anyway, on to your post!


    1. glad it struck a chord. that’s how the mind works sometimes, responding to what unseen flows. and multiple thanks for the link & kind words for GP. we did the photos & texts and only hope to get readers & lookers, not riches, so your plug is a great help.


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