The 2057 Maracock Festival


maracock, n. The fruit of any of certain American passion flowers, especially the may-pop, (Passiflora incarnata).

Camp Harmony
Achilles Turpentine Refinery
Monte’s Salvage Paradise Outlet
12th Annual Chandeleur County
Maracock Festival

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen!

Discover the amazing uses of wild maypop!

It’s easy and fun.

You can fry fresh maypop leaves in fat for crisps.

Confiture can be made with with the fruit.

Maypop vines, dried and crushed, make a superior tea for sedative use and as a cure for anxiety, headaches, and withdrawal symptoms from opiates and benzedrine (the alkaloids in the maypop do it naturally!)

And for the experience experimenters, maypop tea is a natural booster for opiates, barbituates, and alcohol. No side effects!

(Flier for the 12th Annual Chandeleur Maracock Festival, July 17, 2057, Connie Madden’s fortieth birthday.)


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