Wishing to wed

The Frigidaire

Wishing to wed

Wishing to wed
But deep swimming in
His melancholic humor
Also crazy & presently intelligent
& decidedly blatant
What else did he expect
Anyway when he twisted
The spout
Sniffed the scent
Spoiled soja undeniable
Approaching a long time
The fermenting
But he was glad to finally decide
The damned icebox
Oozed water
Liquid iridescent
Rotted-grape odor
Stained linoleum
Gray splotch impervious
Mineral spirits

Euphoric he still had
The decrepit Frigidaire
No monitary value
Just haul it out of my sight
& it’s yours

Hemmed but not beaten
He would wed soon
& admit hope’s
& takes all comers

© R Young


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