Manifesto D(ist)ress Code



Manifesto D(ist)ress Code

Relating to nature
I could be imprisoned for one year
And fined a few thousand
That’s how threatening
The human body has become
To the Sterile Society, so me
I witness to all ages

Free people who wish a free world
Yes, free all those nekked buggers.

Article no one: Yeh must say Screw You.

Article no two: All muss ditch Sterile Society.

Article no three: All must prevaricate,
For No one.
For the ugliest part of your body’s
N-N-Not your mind.

Thank of it som’ting lack dis:
Ifsomeonewishestoplaywitharticlesdeclothing,that’sone thing; Ifsomeoneelsedoesn’t(s)heisneitheracrimin-
Al nor a pervert. Face hitfolks:

Clothing ar-tickle has been around for a long
Time & has been taken for (g)ranted
@ being necessary.

So has war.

Let’s take neither for (g)ranted.

Articles of clothery
Like Articles of M-M-MIND.

Go ahead, quote Blo O’Lozoff:

So don’t spit at Our Spcies.
We’ve been spitting for eons
Poxy eons so go burn uP
Anything substantial
But doso atyer ownrisk. i n g
Nuts to YOu waksckso.

Article the Forth: we shall green
Tho gentle afra—i—d—ed of
Uncertain body tussores the way
These dis-
Eases arise: eons in an
Embryotical index-dex, Plain
Serious as a gooroo.

Article cinq: Azzert rudimentarial f-f-facts
LSD can prob e O U C H
Floating kinetic hot3J!1 lines
Are in·the falsity of hatcheck

Takers, or as Blo O’Lozoff say:

Article Six:
Forget Time X.


© R Young (Santos-Dumont)

Photograph © D Young


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