Café de la Paix


morning stroll past Café
de la Paix glowing awake
no counting, the days


Photograph © D Young

Text © S Young



  1. I like the photography-poetry combination. By the way, amazing command of the English language on this blog and its poems if your first language is French? Is it so?


    1. Sorry, but our first language is English (hope the amazing command part still applies!), the US variety. We’ve been living in France since 2000 or so and are still learning the language . . . and some Catalan, too. It’s great to be in contact with a sympathetic viewer. Merci encore!

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    1. Now I reallly have to get going on my Catalan. D and I picked up some Occitan when we lived in Montazels (Dept. Aude), even used to know a few verses of the village anthem (!) in Occitan, but all I remember now is the beginning: O Montazels. Catalan seems to be closer to Occitan than either Spanish or French, to my ear anyway. English is still a challenge, though . . .

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