Book R’view


Ist dis r’view-a ’is book-in
izzit exactly what it appears to be
so do’n T qsk me whatitis for
the crime of possessing a
copy of his own book. look-a
how them rush in to ferret out,
run down, arrest, try, jail, and
smother – poets.

Away the horde of beast-headed gods, ’way
booted out priests who fDttened
on the cults, end closed their temples
with a banp-.
.t,‘ ; ,t.‘. ,ita on recor4, U‘ . ”
the darkness, and‘the darkness could
understand it nor overcome it what
was the Star ‘)oet of Sir .•alter .. al-
School of a Nhlch olsnned to
overthrow the :{1).‘)en and. :nal{e a.
secret Free-thinker, the

K i n p o f An avant of secret
‘Tesrs leter – – , – •.. J
b?he?dcd, leaving a 6srlding the
that ruIe:: church and court.

fl ‘I
Shs‘,cespeere waileJ of .,nrt ll


Is sexual energy. Theref,)re, when we SA
the sex we thould mean all energy.
The d’vine lU$t that creates
the worl is the sexual ttractlQn
between ell forms; sex is electic
mab- etism. In Tantra Yoga we
are liberated I‘ ex
into Eros· All Energy.
Charles L has practised most
of the techniques described,
so his notes and comments are
based, in the main, upon personal
experience. This is, therefore,
a book to interest the scholar

and also to fascinate the

general reader.

© S Santos-Dumont


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