Two twists of fate

Gulf Pines-18 Inside back cover. Back cover.

Two places about as disparate
as you could imagine

somewhere in the vast coastal regions
of the Gulf of Mexico
and the Golfe du Lion

can you tell which
is which?

Electric oven risen on a wire spool.
Martin house gourds stunned in the sun.
Yard assemblages in Chandeleur County are unexpurgated irruptions of pure chance, sites of casual placement and dislocation.
Surrealist without the label and eternally evolving.
Plethora of symbols.
Objects in contexts stripped of original sin.
You get the willies enjambed therein.

Fogged in on a precipice.
The Val d’Enfer.
No view of Les Baux today.
Abandoned limestone quarry echos
a feral dog.
Sigourney Weaver lives just over the hill.
But you don’t know this.
Nobody does.
Fog wipes slates clean.

© R Young & D Young


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