Perpignan Journal, No. 1


Beginning a new set of posts. Each entry is based on journals and photographs from the time we lived in Perpignan. The first page of the journal begins:

24 mai 05 mardi

Begin here.
And do not be afraid to say it all
whatever and wnenever:
so many places to go
and see
and the people to walk
among and listen to
hear and learn from.

To do all this with the best
of all women in the world
at your side, in your heart.
Nowhere else to go, really
as long as we are together
we are where we need to be
at home and abroad,
every moment of every day
walking, riding, sailing, flying
however it is that we travel
we move on.

Here, in these pages, a record
or sorts, a running account
minutiae and big puzzles
dialog and description
lists and unfiltered musings
even at half past six in the
the hour of swallows and seagulls
and the warm scent of baking
bread drifting up from the
bakery below
the hour of awakening

© R Young


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