All slogans

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All slogans are crap.
Crap are all slogans.
Are all slogans crap?
Slogans are all crap.

Endless crap are all slogans.
Endless slogans are all crap.
Are not all endless slogans crap?
Slogans are not all endless crap.

Less is all more slogan crap you dare not.
Dare-less slogans are not more or less crap.
Crap, less slogans, is all dare, or not.
Slog less, lest slogans dare more.

Gloss less crap. Dare slog more, or
Slogan gloss crap will dare more.
All gloss crap is slogan more or less.
Crap all endless gloss slogans. Dare oh.

Slogan crap or not, slog crap as you will.
You crap endless glossy slogans all over.
See? You gloss over endless slogan crap.
Save me, save me, save me, she cried.

© R Young



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