Reading Walt Kelly on the eve of the founding of the Bureau of Surrealist Research in Paris, October 11, 1924


When I was just a kid
every morning &
especially Sunday
I soaked up the news
printed lessons in
how I may or may
not be able to
draw circles around
everything or run all
around either but
I would try to & would
run at the fancies no
around them & be drenched
by laughing in the right
rain at the grenadine spies
troubadours wild afoot
across inked scapes
of still water tannic
swamps in leaky ole
skiffs named for our
ole pals the ever-lovin
blue-eyed & black
floating sarcastic
melodies never be-
four or five to one
floating out of time
you Kelly you spoke
to me as if I were
a human bean
& not just a mute kid.

Years later I unnerstood what
Kellyisms had soaked into me:
I had no trouble at all getting
Ariel & Dedalus, Didi & GoGo,
Breton & Dali, Patti & Bob, and,
lately, Mr. C. Zero.

Go HERE for an earlier post with a Walt Kelly poem (a favorite) as inspiration.


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