Flying taxis

Water contact advisories issued up and down the Coast

when the raving Chief Boosie Badazz of the Department says:

“All I remember of environmental quality is offering more.”

Boosie charted rainfall waking up in the woods for two days.


We said: “Get Boosie over, her husband has a gun

aimed at these segments of clotted beach

where a swimming advisory red flag

scares the sneaky asleep on the beaches west and east.”


A risk of illness, yes,  but don‘t forget:

attendance was double for those who swim

and for the homeless pelican hunters there.

And nobody has stolen anything while the

Beach Task Force warns one stupid jackass visitor

to pick up his jewelry, which becomes a standing



Chief Boosie doesn’t avoid beaches with high bacteria levels

and swims within 24 hours of death being treated 

after a significant rainfall. And he said more:

“Tell the people that the Salvation Army is moving in.”


Now the Sheriff decrees no jail time for miscreant realtors

and continues to blame the beach closings on raccoons.

True story.


The flying taxis in Dubai take off.


Casino rent fears fix cake.



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