A report from the Coast

Death at the Voodoo Doughnut Shop

A recent report from the coast where

her last seen loaded             on Pass Road

         we think we know more than Iko

I no CHIEF POWER SALES  offers no more

punishment for a death at the Voodoo

Doe-Nut Shop, oh & no wishfully think

what a night        !!!             

                             the plaid agents stepped

in while       mean the Governor signs

his  shark bait bill

& then        Chopper Mike bites  one

                    humongous Voodoo    Doe-Nut

                         in front the Shop 

him eyeballing the heavy             equipment operators

         strike,,, &  then

C. Mike weepy     lips smack w/ bits-a donut 

&    ’at fookin Dog Deppity? 

                 He gummy him & tases C. Mike

                 who sparks like fireworks screaming

& then chomps ’at law enforcer’s arm

You tasted good Dog Deppity &

               you always have!

Accounting and beekeeping matter    so wait 80 seconds

     don’t forget                                            to get

      a sliver of meat on the way back & then

Now exclude disabled students from the corporEal



                         & make your own trip to Port Sulphur

    To see

             Dr. Ed’s Laser Treatment ?          Toenail fungus

                                                                                see the

You depitty dog         you tase & taste             before/after

Go win a badge.                  so what if

                                       every  thing   is


                                    from ashes to horn

                                            and back

                                            wake me

                                              in the


                     You know I ain’t gonna trip, baby.

          But this?



Photograph by Diana Young.


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