Bend a verbena

Try to avoid all those thinkings dark
and be like unto the messenger of the gods
speaking of eerie lights at the ends of
long periods of wasted time polluting the way
toward this here time we think goes on and on,
only it stays in the mindless,
a lyric which is more silent when spoken in a bashful way
as serious as an open hearing of
an open D chord.
Fold here.
Insert Tab A into Slot B.
Screw nuts; peanuts, too.
Avoid blanks.
Travel where you are.
Alight Corners.
Speak well of your enemy and confound the hell out.
Flabbergast once in a while.
Wire hopeful wires to infinities yet described.
Hold on to what might escape.
Splash, oh!
Fly the day.
Drop the masked predicate.
Bend a verbena.




      1. It’s quite alright take your time in replying.

        WordPress is actually easy to use and once you get use to figuring everything out…you’ll be fast at typing and replying.

        All in all, your a really good writer and I’m glad I discovered your work and talent my friend. Hope you stop by on Monday as I will post some really trip out and puzzling poetry. 🙂


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