Notes from this day three years ago

Yesterday afternoon the day invited us out for a walk up to the overlook where the River Boulzane joins the Agly as it flows through the Clou de la Fou—a great place to watch the changing weather as it comes in from the west and south. The low-pressure, humid, rainy days ahead will have the vignerons scrambling to get the harvest in before wetter days set in, which can happen this time of year, and often does. It was a day that recalled a day of similar weather when we visited Segesta, the city of ruins—temples and theater, but dwellings as well—where grapes were harvested on the banks of a river with its own god, Krimisos, who disguised himself as a dog and seduced a Trojan princess—their child, Aigestes, founded the city of Aigesta, which is known today as Segesta—which relates to an on-going inquiry into the feral dogs we encountered at every turn during our travels on the western coast of Sicily. We saw them prowling the ruins of Selinunte. We read of their role in the journey of Odysseus.

Today the vignerons here are indeed busy, as the sky darkens and the rains approach. Mas Peyra, where we get wine and local bio veggies, was closed. Everyone in the family is in the vineyards!



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