Deadly cruise

Deadly Cruise (April 9, 2017)

Beach-riding traffic at a standstill wake up wake
for crime isn’t cool throw yourself off a cliff
decide which foods are healthier Dick fled
officials urging motorists arrested on 2 counts
go deaf revisit Anselm Kieffer learn the bene-
fits of pickles give orders carry
the weight of the archery state deny every
request shoot cool breezes poke fun wear
good shoes reconsider your ties
with the ancient dead
download unicorn trails retell
the saga of Billy T.K. in vehicle and on foot
he downloaded child porn in Lucedale
possession with intent to
distribute forged fermented foods lie
down take aim don’t magritte me anymore
just play Pawn to King fou forever crazy king
operate yourself who else will
intercept yet traffic not nor be
wake up wake only the trafficked
catch fugitives eat them raw or else
inspire hope now he’s going to jail
or find alternative routes mainly
stop doing be on your own
need to know a woman helps
have good reflexes
venture into a mosquito jungle
drown yourself
die the wallpaper arsenic green



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