The Last Violinist

Photograph by Diana Young.

Rosin in the nose, horsehairs
eking out arabesques composed
in olden times longer ago
from this moment
until the day when
time runs out for us

When our time runs short
will the violinist
be able to play us out
with subtle style and grace
at the end

What if the horses
go extinct
before we do

How long before
the remaining horsehair
gets bowed to dust

Will somebody please
stockpile horsehair

Does it matter
whether it’s
mane or tail

Where to stock
all the hoarded
skeins of it

When the horses are gone
millenary horse barns will be empty,
so you could stock the horsehair

So appropriate

What will they do in Kentucky
on the last Derby

Maybe they will gather
at the useless racetrack
Churchill Downs
doo-dah doo-dah
to hear the last violinist
bow out melancholy ballads
but especially the teary
Old Kentucky Home
for auld lang syne

Will the violinist bow with
only the finest BlueGrass
horsefarm horsehair

What else but the best
for the last bowing
when there will be
nothing more
to eke



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