pharoah queen




  1. Like this piece… reminds me of stuff I used to do on my old Olivetti Scribe… still have this old machine, a remnant of the past, of my past, but haven’t used it in years… well word processors and computers changed everything… and can’t get ribbons for it any more… yes, but there is something friendly about typewriter script, add a few coffee stains, handwritten corrections, and… well…

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    1. Mine’s an Olivetti Lettera, built just over the border in Spain in the 70s . . . I got it early this year after suffering a major attack of digital ego- / cybersphere anxiety and reading only print and focusing on samizdat poets like Irina Ratushinskayay (who passed recently), Natalya Gorbanevskaya, and others while planning a life cut off entirely from the infosphere and digital stuff generally, but what good did that do? I’m edging my way back in, post by post. The Olivetti Lettera, btw, is Doc Sportello’s typewriter in Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, so there’s that. I was able to get a ribbon, but the spools didn’t match the machine, so I had to wind the new ribbon onto the old spools. I don’t type as much as I did a couple of months ago, except for the occasional Sportello-esque doodle.


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