The day ahead

The day ahead

One step should lead to another while
The sounds from the avenue Jean Moulin
Soothe like the sea, but

Thinking what the day brings like a water carrier
Burdened with the essence of life, the day
Is a strong beefy fellow hearty in his endless task:

Like when this kid I knew back then

When people still had iceboxes and ice chests
That depended for their efficacy on endless blocks
Of frozen life essence delivered by strong beefy
Hearty fellows—some whistling—to grocery stores and
Back doors all over the city

He grabbed that block of ice off the back of the truck and ran

Skinny arms wrapped around a block big as he was.
He was just nine, no friend of mine,
Just another knothead from the streets lined with
Asbestos-shingled houses—what did they know
About the toxic miracle you have to wonder—
Spitting tobacco juice in your eye

Across the street to the vacant lot where he

Oblivious to his sister wailing her warning

Staggered and fell into the blackberry brambles.

The day is like that, and the night.


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